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Caring for Your Cat During Holi


The Holi festival is among India’s liveliest and most joyous celebrations. It might raise some red flags for cat owners. Sensitivity to environmental changes, cats may find loud noises, vibrant colours, and general chaos of the holiday. This blog post will share advice for keeping your cat secure and content during the Holi festival.

Keeping Cat Healthy And Happy During Holi

Keep Your Cat Indoors during the Holi festival

Maintaining your cat indoors during the Holi festival is crucial. Cats may be more likely to flee or get lost because the loud noises and fireworks can frighten them. Ensure your cat has a secure, peaceful retreat, like a spare room or closet.

Avoid Using Harsh Colors in holi

Using vivid, multicoloured powders and dyes is one of Holi’s defining characteristics. However, these harsh chemicals may harm your cat’s delicate skin and coat. If you do decide to use colours, pick non-toxic, animal-friendly varieties.

Keep Your Cat Away from Water during Holi

People frequently throw water balloons and use water guns to squirt each other during the Holi festival. Water, however, can harm cats, mainly if they are not accustomed to it. Make sure to keep your cat away from any activities involving water.

Provide Plenty of Distractions

Giving your cat many distractions during the Holi festival is a good idea. To help keep your cat busy and calm, create a cosy space with lots of toys, scratching posts, and other distractions.

Be Mindful of Food and Treats

Many delectable foods and treats are frequently available during the Holi festival. However, you should be careful about what you feed your cat, as many human foods can poison them. Avoid giving your cat spicy or sweet foods, and stick to their regular diet and treats.

Keep Your Cat Calm with Soothing Music

During the Holi festival, music can be a potent tool for calming your cat. To help drown out any loud noises and foster calm in your home, try playing calming music or white noise in the background.

Monitor Your Cat’s Behavior

It’s critical to monitor your cat’s behaviour during the Holi festival closely. Keep an eye out for indications of stress or anxiety, such as hiding, overgrooming, or changes in appetite. Be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately if you see any worrying behaviour.

Use Cat-Safe Colors

Use cat-safe colours to include your cat in the Holi celebrations. Typical Holi colours can be toxic to cats and have a severe negative impact on their health. Pet-specific safe and natural colours are available, or you can make your own at home with secure ingredients.

Provide Plenty of Water

It’s crucial to keep your cat hydrated throughout Holi. Your cat might need to remember to drink enough water because of all the excitement and activity. Water bowls should be placed in easily accessible areas to ensure your cat can access plenty of fresh water throughout the day.

Keep Your Cat Indoors 

Keep your cat inside during Holi, if possible. This will help shield them from potentially harmful substances or unsafe colours. If you must take your cat outside, ensure they are constantly watched and kept out of the fun.

Final Thoughts 

With advance planning and preparation, you can ensure your cat has a secure and enjoyable Holi festival. Keep them inside, avoid water and bright colours, offer plenty of distractions, and closely monitor their behaviour. You can celebrate the festival of colours with your furry friend using these suggestions!

For more advice on how to keep your cat content and safe during celebrations like Holi, visit MyPetMyCat. To assist you in taking care of your furry friend, our website provides a variety of articles, guides, and products. Happy and safe Holi to you and your feline friend!

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