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Cats 4 Signs of Love for You


According to science, cats adore their owners. Look for these behaviours to demonstrate that your kitty companion is devoted to you.

Even the most committed cat owners worry whether their cat loves them at some time, maybe waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Dog owners take pride in their canines’ lengthy history as man’s best friend.

Nonetheless, studies demonstrate that cats’ reputation as chilly and aloof companion is unwarranted.

Due to their evolutionary ancestors, domestic cats are more autonomous by nature than dogs. Our feline ancestors did not live in social groupings like canines.

felines, however, evolved the ability to build social ties not just with other cats but also with people during domestication.

While cats do not rely on people to feel secure like dogs do, many cats express affection towards their guardians and appear to cherish the companionship of their human friends. Their experiences partly determine their relationship with humans as kittens being handled by people.

cats respond to people as they do to their feline pals. Thus the key to determining whether your cat feels linked to you is their behaviour.


Their wild ancestors benefited from the capacity to interact with other cats across large distances and when they were no longer physically present. Our cats have kept this “supersense” and rely heavily on it for communication.

Cats, in particular, utilise scent to recognise members of their social group or family by sharing a fragrance profile. Cats have smell glands on their flanks, head, and around their ears, and they frequently brush their heads against familiar and comforting persons and items.

Does your cat brush up against your legs with its head or side? The silky sensation on your calves is your cat recognising you as a buddy, which is tremendous praise.



How your cat welcomes you is one of the most precise signals that your beloved pet likes you. When cats welcome members of their social group, they display camaraderie and a desire to draw closer. felines send similar messages to humans as well.

The erect flagpole posture of the tail indicates a friendly intention (the feline equivalent of a wave), expressing familiarity, trust, and affection. Some cats use an excellent question mark-shaped tail to greet a friend or to indicate that they want to play.

Cats’ tails are sometimes intertwined as a show of friendliness, and the human counterpart is to wrap their tail around your calf.

Instead of holding hands, cats link their tails as a sign of friendship—wrapping their tail around your leg sends the same message.

Another sign that a cat trusts you is rolling over and exposing its sensitive underbelly. On the other hand, felines like to be caressed on the head and neck; thus, this is not often a request for a belly rub.

“Cats behave towards humans in the same way that they respond to their feline friends.”

Efforts to massage a cat’s belly are sometimes met with a fast retreat or claws. The chirrup or trill welcome is a beautiful sound that cats produce while welcoming certain people. Thus, if your cat sings you this way, rest confident they will be delighted to see you.

When your feline strikes the back of your knee, it might indicate that they have an intense attachment to you. The head bump, the feline equivalent of a high-five, is usually reserved for a cat’s closest feline pals and most trusted humans.


Your feline’s gaze at you might also be a covert expression of affection. When cats see unfamiliar humans or other cats, they usually welcome them with an unblinking look. They are more likely to blink slowly at feline with whom they have a good bond.

Like a human grin, slow blinks are related to a favourable emotional state and signify trust, happiness, and affection.

Blink to return the compliment, and your cat may return the favour. If your feline dislikes being stroked, this is an excellent way to bond with them.

A feline lying on its back and showing its tummy is the ultimate sign of trust.


felines are highly protective of their area and do not tolerate intruders. If a feline enables you to come near them, it indicates a strong attachment, especially if the contact is regular or long-lasting.

“Curling up on your lap for a nap is a sign of deep trust.”

Napping on your lap is a sign of profound trust. Grooming occurs exclusively between cats with a warm connection, so licking your hand or face might be a sign of affection, even if those barbed tongues aren’t all that kind.

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