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Top 5 Cats Who Stormed the Internet


The Internet has become dominated by cats recently, with their adorable antics and unique personalities captivating millions worldwide. From Grumpy Cat to Snoopy Babe, many feline celebrities have achieved fame on the internet. This blog will explore the top 10 most excellent cats on the internet.

Grumpy Cat Who Stormed the Internet, also known as Tardar Sauce

Look at that expression: dissatisfied with life and the photoshoot. Grumpy Cat’s visage has been the subject of several memes, the finest and most definitive of which simply screams, NO. She didn’t say that to Friskies cat food when they offered her the role of spokes cat. 

This cat needs no introduction. With her permanently grumpy facial expression, Grumpy Cat became an internet sensation in 2012. She has become one of the most famous cats on social media platforms. Visit Grumpy Cat’s Instagram

Sam Cat Who Invaded the Internet

Sam Has Eyebrows is most known for his unusual paws, which are more difficult to discover by name than by expression… I’m joking. Visit Sam’s Instagram


Shironeko’s images are mainly of him smiling in his slumber and in a basket, which earned him the clever moniker Basket Cat. Put him wherever, balance anything on his head, and…chill—such a peaceful pet. Visit Shironeko’s Youtube channel.

The Internet Was Overrun by the Nala Cat

Nala’s antics are well-known worldwide, with over 1.5 million Instagram followers. Blue-eyed Nala has gone from orphan cat to fame, primarily by posing in bow ties or making her perfect OMG face! Visit Nala’s Instagram

The Network Was Overtaken by Colonel Meow Cat

Colonel Meow has minions rather than fans. He drinks scotch, swears like a warrior, and has his news station. Colonel Meow was a Himalayan-Persian crossbreed who held the Guinness World Record for the cat with the longest fur. Tragically, he died in 2014, but his memory will live forever on the Internet. Visit Colonel Meow’s Instagram

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